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February 26 2012


Build Your Own Arcade Machine

MAME means Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. It's an emulator application designed to recreate the hardware of arcade game systems by using software on a PC. That fact that it's an emulation of the original programs that ran on these machines, means that it is an almost exact replica unlike a few of the versions available for games consoles.

mame arcade joystick

Joysticks (Happ supers), & Buttons I got from TheRealBobRoberts. Strongly suitable for arcade parts.

MAME can operate on many different platforms for example Windows , Unix , OS X etc. but simply by playing it on the desktop computer, even though the games are exactly like their arcade counterparts, it lacks the appearance & feel of the original arcade. Some of these joysticks have a switch on the underside, that can be used to change them, but we ended up going with the Mag-Stik Plus, a 4-way/8-way switchable joystick that can be switched from the the surface of the panel.

Getting a donor cabinet could proove an excellent buy but beware nearly as good units are hard to find, you won't ever get anything for free. The Atari 2600 could be played using the Stella emulator. This console was introduced in 1977 and the games were very simple. Should you remember Combat Pitfall, and Kaboom! then you have to get it.

Sound is also an important part of the arcade experience; I was able to reuse the present stereo speakers within the cabinet by adding an innovative Inspire 2.1 amplifier. MAME runs simulated CPU instructions along with simulated memory maps and I/O spaces. I used some piano hinge to make the panel pivot up for maintenance.

I recommend using different coloured wires for that different joysticks and push buttons and a black wire for that GND / Ground. A 4-player setup can be really confusing of you only use one or two colours. As the MAME core is getting more localization-friendly by itself, the leader in multi-language MAME remains MAME Plus!. Bezel: The glass and/or artwork around and in front of your monitor! Helps make the arcade cabinet a contented place ;)

arcade machine GunCon: Gun bundled with various versions of the Playstation game Time Crisis!

One thing is for certain: MAME arcade machines are not going anywhere soon and are a major thing about this hobby.


MAME Arcade

MAME stands for Multiple Aracde Machine Emulator. This program runs on your PC and plays classic arcade video games.

The first step in any large project is information gathering. I spent about a month reading up on other peoples MAME cabinet. Many people had interesting ideas however i also found lots of contradicting information.

You will need to put the PC and components within the cabinet and mount the monitor.

Therefore, these games aren't ports or rewrites, however the actual original games that appeared in arcades, complete with all the bugs glitches slowdowns, and subtleties of the original game as it appeared in the arcade! I learned of people creating MAME arcade cabinets and this got me even more excited. After reading all night and hours I started my quest while exploring for a cabinet with a large enough control panel that will suit the X-Arcade to be dropped in.

Furthermore, most of the MAME games run in their native resolution, that is usually pretty low. Of course, in order to preserve the games and demonstrate that the emulated behavior matches the original you have to also be able to actually take part in the games.

Some people just use clear plexiglass and then paint the backside black except in which the screen shows through. The MAME control keys are automatically assigned to the "A" and "B" inputs! Browse the code table for all default assignments.

I used a full tower case that I was able to lay horizontally in the bottom of the MAME cabinet. If space is an issue inside a cabinet you may also look into spacewalker units and mini-tower cases.

In other words, MAME is against simulating games but it is not against simulating components. The only method you can emulate a game title is to simulate all of the components.

After the paint job, I replaced the T molding! You will get this from either WICO or Happs Controls. Classic arcade games is really a staple memory of anyone who remembers the good old days. I've over 7000 different games on my arcade system how to build a MAME cabinet. I use the favorites menu to help keep track of the ones my buddies and I play the most.

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